• 23rd Annual National Sahodaya Conference

  • Madurai Sahodaya Schools Complex
    Date : 2nd & 3rd November 2017


Mr Ramji Raghavan

Agasthya Foundation Kuppum

Ramji Raghavan is a successful social innovator and entrepreneur. He has founded Agastya International Foundation, a Non Profit Organization, which sparks curiosity, creativity and leadership amongst underprivileged children and government school teachers. Agastya foundation has reached creative hands-on science education to over 7 million underprivileged children and 200,000 government school teachers across India.

Mr Bharath Krishna Sankar

Aparajitha Corporate Services Ltd

Dr. Bharath Krishna Sankar, Chairman of Aparajitha Corporate Services Ltd is an exceptional coach and mentor, with passion for developing and nourishing the entrepreneurial spirit in youngsters. Bharath’s areas of specialization include human resource development, and financial management. He was the recipient of TiE Chennai’s “Entrepreneur of the year” award for 2015. He is the Past Chairman of the Madurai Zone of CII and the Vice Chairman of MaaMadurai Potruvom Committee.

Dr. Narayan B Iyer

CEO of Indian Development Foundation (IDF)

Dr. Narayan B Iyer is advisor to several National and International Schools for designing their Social Service Programs and the brain behind establishment of nearly 200 IDF Bal Gurukuls in India. Health of children, their education and development are his areas of speciality.

Mr C P Vishwanath

Karadi Path Chennai

Mr C P Vishwanath is an educator, musician and entrepreneur with a strong background in international business. He has previously helmed the international business of one of India’s premier engineering companies having incubated their operations in the USA, Russia and South Africa. He is a Co-founder of Karadi Tales Company Pvt. Ltd., one of India's most acclaimed names as creators of children's content. He is also Co-founder and CEO of Karadi Path Education Company Pvt. Ltd which is changing the way Indian youth learns English.

Dr A.P .Jayaraman

Nuclear Scientist Mumbai

Dr. A. P. Jayaraman is a world-reknowned nuclear scientist and a passionate science communicator. Has served the Department of Atomic Energy for forty years. Received several awards including the International Copernicus Award from Poland and the National Literacy Prize. Lectures extensively to teachers and students for creating public awareness on peaceful uses of Atomic Energy. Has authored 15 Science books and over 5000 Science articles.

Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai

Director, Chanakya Aanvikshiki Pvt. Ltd,

Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, popularly known as Chanakya Pillai, is the founder director of Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership ( CIPL), a research based organisation that is working to promote Indian concepts in management. With nearly 25 years of experience as a leadership trainer, speaker, author and management pundit he is acknowledged as a 'Global Speaker par Excellence'.

Mr Gabriel Suppiah

Score Campus, Singapore

Gabriel Suppiah, callsign Coach Gabe, is our founder of Score Campus, Classroom Without Walls, Lets Flip and The Next Level. His mission in life is to create experiences that connect the students around the world through learning. Another mission of his is to bring the glory back into the honourable profession of educating. His third mission is to successfully bridge the gaps in education to make it authentic.

Dr Yuva Dayalan

Yoga Guru & Entrepreneur Hong Kong

Dr yuva Dayalan is former International Badminton player who is now a media presenter, Guinness world record holder,writer& actor of yoga documentaries and martial art shows in television,who also reached out to many people through his training and articles in daily news papers.He is the organizer of Yoga world festival,Indochina International yoga festival,International yoga championships,Fitness Trainer of Indian Badminton team etc.He has inspired lot of kids& Common people to learn yoga & become Teachers to spread this art.By his innovative teaching techniques,organising championships and making yoga & wellbeing more simpler,he has reached an audience wide and far.

Mrs Geetha Ramanujam

Story teller Kathalaya

Geetha Ramanujam is injecting new life into Indian classrooms by reviving the art of storytelling–a cultural tradition forgotten by modern education–and making it part of the primary school curriculum. Through her persistent efforts, she has been successful in making storytelling a part of the course curriculum for schools and universities including rural schools in Karnataka, the Azim Premji University and the universities of Gothenburg and Berlin. Geetha is now working with CBSE to introduce storytelling as part of the syllabus for teaching social sciences.

Nagaraja Prakasam

Farmer-Growing startups , Bengaluru,Karnataka

Nagaraja (Naga) Prakasam is a versatile and passionate leader with 2+ decades of global experience (decade in the USA and a decade+ in India). As a full time angel investor, invested in 21 start-ups and seen 4 exits. Spearheaded Impact thinking in Indian Angel Network and co-founded IAN Impact. His personal mantra is “Start-ups should focus on India’s strength – people, problems, Tech (PPT).

Swami Anukoolananda

Chinmaya Gardens Coimbatore

Swami Anukoolananda was posted to strengthen the Chinmaya Mission centres in Nagapattinam and Pondicherry. During his tenure at Nagapattinam, Swamiji took up extensive work during the Tsunami crisis; supporting the victims morally, emotionally and financially. An example to youngsters, Swamiji became one of the directors of AICHYK and was part of the core team to organize a Nation-wide quiz on Indian glories and its achievements in the field of science, arts and technology – garnering the participation of 2.85 million school and college students across India.

Mrs Vishaka Hari

Carnatic Music Vocalist,Chartered Accountant,Chennai

Vishaka Hari is a Carnatic music vocalist and proponent of Harikatha, otherwise known as a storyteller of Kathakalakshepam. She holds the rank of Chartered Accountant. Vishaka Hari learned Carnatic music under the legendary Carnatic violinist, Padma Vibhushan Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman. Her spiritual guru and father-in-law is Sri Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal (Sri Sri Anna). Vishaka Hari has performed in several sabhas during the Chennai Music Season since 2006. Vishaka Hari learned Bharatha Natyam from prominent dancer, Professor Sudharani Raghupati.

Mr Dheeraj Sangi

IIT Roorkee

Mr. Dheeraj Sangi is a researcher in the area of computer networks. He has wide administrative experience: Running the Institute Computer Center, Managing Graduate admissions, Cultural advisor to students, Student counseling, Managing all issues related to UG education in IIT Kanpur (as Chairman of Senate Under Graduate Committee), Design of CS curriculum for lots of colleges, Chairman of Health Center Users Committee, and so on.

Dr Sivaraman

Sidda Medicine

Dr. Sivaraman is an accomplished and reputed individual in the field of siddha medicine. Using organic materials as a tool for nourishment and growth, he has publicized this idea through various types of media. He has also published a renowned book know as Aaram Thinai, which is available through many outlets, both online and showrooms alike.

Dr. Vivek N

Maxillofacial Surgeon,
Dean, SRM

Dr.Vivek N, MDS, is a specialist in Maxillofacial Trauma and Allied Surgeries. Is conferred with 'Best Teacher' award by His Excellency Governor of Tamil Nadu. Has numerous publications and lectures to his credit and several awards including the Colgate Palmolive Gold Medal and Thiru R Venkataraman, former President of India, gold medal.

V.Nandakumar IRS


V.Nandakumar IRS Joint Commissioner of Income Tax Department of Revenue Ministry of Finance Government of India

School Dropout due to Dyslexisic(Learning Disability) become All India Topper in UPSC Civil Serive Exam during the year 2005. Motivating more than 3lakhs rural government school children and training more than 40000 teachers every year. Personally Mentoring and guiding 6000 UPSC Civil Serive Aspirants and creating 60 to 70 All India Service (IAS&IPS)Officers and Central Civil Service Officers every year.

Mr. Arvind Sahay

Professor, IIM Ahmedabad

Mr. Arvind Sahay has worked in the manufacturing sector as management trainee and purchase officer and in the financial services sector as a manager in operations and corporate banking and has done work in IT consulting. Is also currently a regular columnist for the Outlook Business magazine.